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Showcase cover image for Kira, which means killer in Japanese

General Information

XT 225
White (originally blue)
Story behind her name - at my first offroad rally (Conserve the Ride by AltRider, back in 2013 I think) on the very first day we took a short cut back to the campground. We were passing by an Amish family's house and they were all waving to us. Suddenly a chicken ran out from behind a bush inches in front of my front wheel, and I ran it over. COMPLETELY by accident, and it was horrifying!! I almost went down, the Amish family's face froze in terror (chicken for dinner that night?), and the rest of my party almost wrecked behind me because they were laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of the situation. The story spread through camp like wildfire, and I actually won an award at the end of the rally for best story. I am still known as the "Chicken Killer" by people who were there.

She's an awesome bike, short so its easy for me to ride, and Ive upgraded to suspension and other bits so she's a more capable machine offroad.
2018 Yamaha XT 225 (White (originally blue))



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