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  1. Head light issue

    Issues and Troubleshooting
    My 2017 390 duke's high beam doesn't work and the entire headlight cuts out periodically. I bought a 2017 390 duke with only 1000kms on it and I have noticed that when I turn on the high beam, nothing happens other then the low beam gets duller. So turning the high beam on actually makes the...
  2. How many ml is the difference between low and high (min, max) motor oil level for the Duke 390 (2017)?

    Service and Maintenance
    I know I have to add a little motor oil. Now, when my bike is standing, I just about see the oil in the bottom of the oil window. I bought a 50cc syringe to be able to measure the oil exactly. Does anybody of you know how much difference it is between: bottom of oil window min level mark max...