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  1. How To & DIY
    Hi All, Have a Duke 390 2nd gen since 2017. Bought the bike because I wanted a capable streetfighter. Envisioned lots of corner carving, peg scraping and even a few track days. And since then not much of that has happened. Most of my rides have ended up being back roads, adventure trips and...
  2. KTM Duke General Discussion
    The New PowerTRONIC V4 carries all the exciting features of the PowerTRONIC V3 and makes it even more better in addition to that we have introduced tune easy, which can be used to tune, calibrate and setup the ECU from your smartphone anytime and not just that throttle response and acceleration...
  3. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hey guys! I own a 2020 390 Adventure From a long time now i am experiencing unstable idling, at cursing speeds the bike runs absolutely fine Only during Idle and at lower speeds when the clutch is pulled the RPM goes very low and eventually bike shuts down RPM goes as low as 1k I...
1-3 of 3 Results