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  1. Bought Fuelx pro

    Parts And Accessories
    Hey I'm looking for FuelX pro version from somewhere in Europe !
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello, I just done valve shims and now engine is not starting, I bought this engine and never tested, just before fitting in motorcycle I decided to check valve clearance so everything would be done at once, what I found left side Exhaust and Intake was a little of range.... look at my photo I...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    My 2015 Duke 390 engine is locked up and is basically toast. There is a 2018 engine I could swap it for but seems like the main difference is that 2018 has the ride-by-wire throttle system. Would that mean basically swapping the ECU and harnesses for 2018 or is there a way to control the new...
  4. KTM Duke General Discussion
    The New PowerTRONIC V4 carries all the exciting features of the PowerTRONIC V3 and makes it even more better in addition to that we have introduced tune easy, which can be used to tune, calibrate and setup the ECU from your smartphone anytime and not just that throttle response and acceleration...
  5. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hey guys! I own a 2020 390 Adventure From a long time now i am experiencing unstable idling, at cursing speeds the bike runs absolutely fine Only during Idle and at lower speeds when the clutch is pulled the RPM goes very low and eventually bike shuts down RPM goes as low as 1k I...
  6. KTM Duke General Discussion
    I just had my 2021 390 adventure used in Beijing, the summer temperature can reach 100℉ and the winter can be as low as 10℉. So I am thinking using 10w50 in fall and winter and 15w50 in summer. Here is the problem. In April I used 5100 10w50 for 1000 miles, I found this oil is thin after hard...
  7. Parts & Accessories
    FuelX Plug-in fuel-injection optimizer, autotunes the engine to best operational parameters, constantly monitoring, learning, and adapting to the engine condition, wear and tear, riding style, add-ons (such as air filter and/or exhaust), etc FuelX Also auto adapts to the environmental...
  8. Parts & Accessories
    Hi Everyone, I have been trying to find a hollow stem-nut for the 2021 390 Duke, so I count use a ram stem-mount for a GPS unit. Sadly I am coming up empty, dealers in the area don't have any, online-stores don't have any, is there something I am missing? Here is what I am trying to get: I...
  9. KTM Duke General Discussion
    I actually want how the speed is measured, it is basically by rpm of the crankshaft I guess if I am not wrong but it also have two different connectors for rpm and speed in wiring harness. So I need a confirm information regarding how the speed is measured.
  10. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Does anybody know if you Can buy a chamber delete in Europe? I dont Wang to delete the cat, only the pre silencer
  11. New Members Introductions
    Hi Guys, I just picked up my brand new 2019 this past weekend. So far I've added the Coober Air Box, KTM Powerparts Guard levers, and Yoshimura Tail Tidy. Next, I will be installing MNNTHBX Frame Sliders, CICMOD Axle Sliders, and KTM Powerparts Brake Res Cover. Then finally I will be painting...
  12. Parts & Accessories
    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324209470804 Thanks for viewing, hope this helps someone!
  13. Parts & Accessories
    Hi I'm a BabyDuker and looking for few things to make my duke stand out in a croud well already does but make awesome I need the following either used or new but must not be retail prices as can just buy anyway lol please see below thanks in advance. Also from the UK
  14. Parts And Accessories
    Hello All, I been working extra hours at work so that I can get my 390 duke how it want it. Please let me know if anyone has any parts for sale. Thanks !!
  15. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hello family, I’ve had my 2019 duke 390 for about a week and put 300 miles on it. I have been worrying about the initial service at 600 miles and been calling dealers to get a price check on the valve check. carolina ktm has told me that ktm has changed the initial valve check to the first...
1-16 of 16 Results