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  1. KTM 390 Adventure Engine And Technical Discussion
    I saw many people recommending reusable/washable high flow air filters. Fort9 said in one of their videos that oem air filters do not make sense, but I beg to differ. The price of K&N air filter is like ~$65 while the price of regula paper filter is ~$25 (you can find one for ~$15 from China)...
  2. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I'm thinking of buying the Coober airbox lid for my 390 Duke 2020. But I wonder if the sponge of the airbox lid that came with it is enough to filter out the dirt or dust effectively or not. Anyone has any idea about this? Thanks !
  3. Asia
    I have ordered a stock replacement K&N air filter for my 2014 Duke 390....will I have to do any tunings or have to install the powertronic ecu?? ...I've seen many other reviews and it made me even more confused..what shall I do? will it harm the engine or do any change in performance if I just...
1-3 of 3 Results