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  1. Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hello, I've been having some issues with my Duke 390. The magnet in my alternator broke off and damaged the stator so I had to replace both. After replacing both parts I started experiencing headlight issues, low beam started burning out after a short period of time, when I switched to high beam...
  2. Service and Maintenance
    Hi guys.. Hope everyone are doing good.. I know there are a lot of similar questions in the forum.. But just want to get a confirmed one.. My battery is now 3 years and 9 months old. It is a stock one. The voltage in the morning before starting is 12.2 V normally. When starting it goes to...
  3. KTM Duke RC390 Tech
    One of weirdest thing happened today. I stopped at a signal light, turned off the vehicle using kill switch holding clutch while in gear. After a few seconds the screen went blank (note: key was still in ON position). Pulled my bike to the side and tried to switch off and switch on (using key)...
1-3 of 3 Results