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  1. Issues and Troubleshooting
    When my duke has Warmed up (aprox 1. minute) there is a knocking sound from the right top side of the engine, best heard at idle. I thought this would be the cam chain tensioner but now some coolant is missing and white smoke is coming when revving. Could this be the head gasket causing a...
  2. KTM Duke General Discussion
    hello. i have 2016 duke 390 and i need to put coolant in. is agip eni coolant good? i know recomended is motorex m3.0.
  3. Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hey all! I’m a relatively new rider (6mo now) and new to this forum as well. I bought my 2016 390 Duke off of a friend with 4300 miles on it. Been riding with relatively no issues so far minus constant oil changes but as of last Friday (7600 miles on the odo) I had the bike overheat and go into...
  4. Issues and Troubleshooting
    Midwest, US Bought a new 390, have put few hundred miles on it. Already changed the oil and have performed some other maintenance / services. The coolant is just a tad below the min line in the overflow tank, and hasn't receded further (so I don't think its a leak, just the dealer didn't...
  5. Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hello all! While trying to sell my 2016 390, the bike unfortunately sat for a few weeks without being ridden or turned on (I know, rookie mistake). As a result, the battery died due to the 3rd party alarm system that is hooked up and always on. After attempting to jump start the bike, when...
1-5 of 5 Results