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  1. Parts & Accessories
    So I want to put the alarm system onto my 2021 390 Duke, however, I have been told by multiple KTM service centres that the Alarm system that has been compatible with the bike since 2013 is no longer compatible for 20-22 (P/N 60112035000) and is no longer a PowerParts option for these years. My...
  2. Riding Gear and Apparel
    hi, I just bought an ixirace mk2 exhaust for my duke. I notice that the exhaust have 2 db-k one bigger Thant the other in the exhaust and the tiny second one in the collector. i want to remove the second one and keep the bigger one in the exhaust. anyone know if is possibile to do it? or after...
  3. KTM Duke General Discussion
    hi, I'm trying to understand if the ixil rc exhaust for the 21 duke 390 actually fit on and also if it is euro 5 approved. maybe some one of you have this exhaust and can sand me some picture of it because are really hard to find. thank for your help
  4. Exhaust And Fuel Delivery
    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not a 2020 spec Austin Racing GP1R slip on can could be fitted to a 2021 duke. I know the exhaust routing has been changed for this year. Just wanted to ask around before dropping nearly £500 on an item that might not fit. Many Thanks
  5. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hi guys, I bought a link pipe from LeoVince the other day and when it was coming through customs in Australia customs picked it out for a drug check. The x-ray machine didn't work so they decided to drill holes in the side. Is the pipe destroyed or fixable with some welding?
  6. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I had a 2018 Duke and bought the ergo seat which was a much better seat than the stock seat. I sold my 2018 Duke due to a move but removed and kept the ergo seat, knowing that I would most likely buy another Duke. Well, I bought a new 2021 Duke 390, which was suprisingly hard to...
  7. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Bought a KTM duke 390 2021 and looking to do some mods but I'm struggling to find Decats for the bike? I've found one which is the coober but I cant find any videos on it and was hoping maybe someone in here maybe has already done it? Don't wanna invest money into something that might not be...
  8. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hi guys, I am looking to get the Yosh fender eliminator kit for my 2021 Duke 390 but all the ones that is available form resellers online say it fits model year 17-20. I am just wondering if the tail section has changed at all for model year 21 and if the kit will fit the model year 21 bike...
  9. Parts & Accessories
    Hi All, I have just ordered myself a 2021 Duke 390 in Silver. I noticed that my elbows seemed to take up most of the stock mirrors and was looking to swap them out for some bar-end mirrors. The official KTM Handlebar end mirror set (Ref: 00010000326) is £179.46 which seems a bit steep! Does...
1-9 of 9 Results