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  1. How To & DIY
    Hi All, Have a Duke 390 2nd gen since 2017. Bought the bike because I wanted a capable streetfighter. Envisioned lots of corner carving, peg scraping and even a few track days. And since then not much of that has happened. Most of my rides have ended up being back roads, adventure trips and...
  2. Want to Buy
    My 2015 engine locked up and is basically dead. Looking for a working 2015-17 Duke/RC engine for a swap. PM me with photos, condition and price if you have one! 🙌🙌🙌 PS. Spammers/scammers you’re not clever. Try it somewhere else
  3. Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Per recommendations on this forum i have installed a 140/70 for my rear. I am yet to judge the results. But i was wondering if this size should run the same recommendation of 29 psi that is given for the 150/60 size? Would appreciate any insight.
  4. New Members Introduction
    Bought it with 300 miles on it from a guy who had it sittin in his garage for months due to a back injury. Still wasn’t broke in but I’ve put over 2000 miles on it in the less than 2 months I’ve had it. Stock M5 rear tire already showing wire so ordered new Road 6 last night.. hoping to get much...
  5. Riding Gear and Apparel
    hi, I just bought an ixirace mk2 exhaust for my duke. I notice that the exhaust have 2 db-k one bigger Thant the other in the exhaust and the tiny second one in the collector. i want to remove the second one and keep the bigger one in the exhaust. anyone know if is possibile to do it? or after...
  6. India
    Hi, I have a 2019 duke 390. I've added a Zana saddle stay, I have been told that the saddle supports which connects right on top of the pillion footrest holder actually damages / interfere with the suspension play room. Is it possible that it can damage the rear suspension?
  7. Appearance & Modifications
    Hi everyone, I would like to share what all performance upgrades I have done to my Duke 390. Duke 390 was my dream bike from the day I had seen it on youtube and people moto vlogging on it. The 390 had become every youth's aspiration to buy in India. So let me start with some photos of my modded...
  8. Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    I live in india and currently Own a 2015 Duke 390, i was wondering if the parts between the duke and the rc are Swappable as i would love to take the new allows with the new disk brakes and put them on my bike which in my opinion should provide better handling, what issue would i face if i go...
  9. KTM RC390 General Discussion
    Whenever my bike is on gear , And whenever I try to pull or push my bike back or front in gear by pressing my clutch it doesn't come back or move front
  10. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello guys, I was wondering if by any chance I could swap my 2016 Duke 390 with a newer one, let's say 2017+ or an engine from an RC390? The engine on my bike has blown, the piston rod broke and did too much damage on the inside. The engine is not worth repairing and there's too much work. A...
  11. Exhaust And Fuel Delivery
    Hello. Has anyone of you installed Boosterplug for the new Duke 390, model 2021 and Euro5? Boosterplug website says they will not make one for 2021 model but i wonder could you fit the Boosterplug meant for 2020 model? If im not completely wrong there isnt anything really stopping this cause...
  12. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hello everyone. I have a KTM DUKE 390 (2018) with 2200kms on the clock and I have just had HLU error pop up.... I know its headlight related as I've seen plenty of info on it. Plus the headlight is off.... I was waiting at a long stop light for 10 mins (Roadworks) when it suddenly popped up...
  13. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hi all, Does yall's front disc brake feel the same as mine? jerky and unsettling? Even when my ABS is completely off It feels the same. I'm not complaining about the efficiency though, stops just fine and in time, but in a very struggle some pattern. Any other bike brakes very smoothly on the...
  14. Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hi I'm from India. I have rc390. Recently I checked and found airfilter box has crack and my bike is giving smoke. Can anybody help me what the problem is this? And how to resolve?
  15. New Members Introduction
    Hi all, I've been riding since childhood, dirt bikes etc. Gained my road licence a few years back now. Picked up The Duchess yesterday afternoon from my local dealer, here in Newcastle, NSW Australia. Looking forward to hearing others joys and frustrations on here. Cheers 🤙🤙
  16. Parts & Accessories
    Hello Duke 390 Community, I welcome some feedback. Could not find a Carrier for my 2019 Duke 390 I liked, so decided to design my own. Also integrated a tidy tail. Had a local metal shop laser and form the parts and had it powder coated. Cost me a lot more than anything out there, but I...
  17. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hello all, I did try to search around to see if this question was already answered and didn't seem to uncover anything specifically about what I'm curious about. I have a 2019 Duke 390. Which is actually my very first motorcycle! I can not get it into my local service shop until June 1st and...
1-17 of 17 Results