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  1. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hai Guys, I own a 2022 BS6 Duke 390 and I'm wondering can I ride my bike without side exhaust and Is it gonna damage my bike in long term usage. Planning for buying new slip-ons but until then can I do these. Looking for your opinions....
  2. Hi

    Hello Duke 390 owners in India I own a 2016 Duke 390 and i have ridden 32000 kms where are u guys getting the service done from the official center or from outside?
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello guys a little help over here, I own a 2022 Duke 390 (Indian model). The thing is 2022 model Duke 390 seems less power and it has lost its og aggressive. It is way smoother and much reliable with less initial, mid everything ruined. So my question is there any way to bring back old Duke's...
  4. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hi, I found that the Rapid bike evo exclusive is only available for the 2017-2020 duke 125. Does anyone know if I can use that module and get good results on a 2021 Duke 125? Thanks in advance, Oscar
  5. Exhaust And Fuel Delivery
    Hi, I recently got a duke 125 2021 and have put around 2000km on it. I know that the 390 have some issues running lean when you equip a full exhaust without other mods, does anyone know if the 125 also runs way too lean or if it will work well with a full exhaust. Thanks in advance
  6. Duke 390 & RC390 News And Updates
    Friends practicing Willy in Korea. You guys watch and judge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEJ3ieFm4pQ
  7. New Rider Section
    hello duke fam! I want to be close to you guys. Please watch the video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5AvGz7FA5f7XS0-dLCVVqw youtube <<
  8. KTM Duke General Discussion
    저는 한국에서 ktm을 타고 있는 라이더입니다. 너와 친구가되고 싶어. 내 채널을 구독하고 시청하십시오. 많은 정보를 원합니다. 수정해야 할 사항을 알려주세요. KTM DUKE390 한국
  9. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello guys, I was wondering if by any chance I could swap my 2016 Duke 390 with a newer one, let's say 2017+ or an engine from an RC390? The engine on my bike has blown, the piston rod broke and did too much damage on the inside. The engine is not worth repairing and there's too much work. A...
  10. New Members Introduction
    Hi Everyone ! Greetings from the Pacific Northwest. Just put the deposit down on my new 390Duke, will pick her up next weekend. Super excited ! Will be sniffing through the forum, please excuse any stupid questions. If anybody has any tips to share about first time owners, please let me know...
  11. New Members Introduction
    I've recently purchased a used 2019 KTM Duke 390 with 4k miles on it. This is my first bike and I am really proud of it, runs and rides great too! First thing I added was the crash protections on the engine and bars. Will add a tank grip and a windshield next week. Cheers! Duke 390 - Imgur
  12. Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Hi, I recently changed the front-tire of my Duke 390 (2017) and used some soapy water (maybe I've used to much water). Yesterday after driving, I saw that soapy water came out of the rim (one day after the tire change). What would you do? Do you think the soapy water will go away on its own? Do...
  13. Issues and Troubleshooting
    Youtube Video SO basically, having this problem for 3 months. At the beginning when driving "intense" and with high revs, the engine will turn off, if i continue throttling, and it would do a stupid amount of POPS and BANGS (propably due to the not burned fuel). The more I continued driving with...
  14. KTM Duke General Discussion
    I own a KTM Duke 390 2018, full stock. Starting this discussion as I want to know if anybody swapped their duke 390 rear shock with duke 250s? I weigh 62 kilos and KTM duke 390 is an absolute snack on the track. But as the suspension is non-adjustable(tried preload's last setting also) and I'm...
  15. Parts & Accessories
    Hey guys, Looking into buying my first naked bike and really love the look and feel of the 2017+ duke, however, I don't want ride by wire on my bike. Has anyone replaced the ride by wire with a mechanical throttle (ie, cable trottle)? How much has to be done to get it installed? Do you have to...
  16. KTM Duke General Discussion
    What are your experiences on riding Duke 390 2017+ on track? Have you made any modifications to make it better on track? I have felt the Duke's ergonomics are far from pleasent on track. Handle is kind of too high. I am also planning to get an RC390 for track use. But really confused whether...
1-17 of 17 Results