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  1. New slip on exhaust, cat delete and chamber delete! Power issues!

    Issues and Troubleshooting
    So i don’t know alot about bikes but I have a 2019 Duke 390 and got a new competition Werkes slip on exhaust, cat delete pipe and chamber delete pipe and was so excited to use it i put it all on immediately and got rid of all the stock crap. Then I realized that it would stall easily on first...
  2. Best piggyback ecu?

    Exhaust And Fuel Delivery
    I have been thinking about getting a piggyback ecu for my 2020 Duke 390 because of the jerky engine at low rpm, and a lot of people say that it has helped a lot with that. I am not sure if I should get a booster plug, rapid bike easy/evo, powertronic, coober etc. I currently run the bike with an...
  3. Bike will not start with Powertronic ECU but will with stock coupler

    KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hello, Bike info 2019 Ktm 390 duke Powertronic firmware version F3J I just installed a powertronic ECU, I used the stock coupler to verify harness installation and bike fired right up no problem. And everything seemed great. when I swapped out to powertronic ecu the bike cranks but does not...
  4. Will a duke 125 powertronic ecu work on a duke 390?

    KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hello Duke 390 family, I have a 2019 ktm 390 duke and will like to know if a powertronic duke 125 ecu will work with my bike. I look forward to hearing from you all and thanks in advance.
  5. Coober ECU issue

    Issues and Troubleshooting
    guys i dont know i think i messed up... so here is what have i done till now : i installed the ecu before 1 week ago. and the results were obvious. i lost some bass sound from my akrapovic but the throttle were more soft and accurate also the bike felt to got breathe much better , at high...
  6. Wants to buy Exhaust, Ergo seat, ECU etc for my 2019 KTM 390 duke USA

    Parts And Accessories
    Hello All, I been working extra hours at work so that I can get my 390 duke how it want it. Please let me know if anyone has any parts for sale. Thanks !!
  7. Decat plus new ecu pack

    KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hi everyone, first time posting on here, I have a 2018 390 duke with a akrapovic slip on muffler. I have just installed a coober high flow air filter box, it has slightly added a little more power but im not sure if i like the sound difference yet. I do want to buy a decat link pipe exhaust so i...