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  1. How To & DIY
    If you own a Duke that has the exhaust pipe routed above the engine case on the left side you are probably thinking that KTM engineers like their left leg baked to perfection in the summer. I don’t, so I bought this aluminium exhaust pipe protection/heat shield for dirt bikes from China for like...
  2. Service and Maintenance
    What’s the best way to clean this exhaust residue off?
  3. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Would a Rapid Bike Easy supply enough fuel to change the exhaust to a slip on exhaust?
  4. KTM Duke General Discussion
    So I didn't check the bolts on my exhaust guard and it fell off somewhere. Does anybody that upgraded their exhaust still have one laying around they would be willing to part with??? Thanks in advance.
  5. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello. Just bought my first Duke 390 2014. The jerking in low speed is bothering me a bit, since I do a lot of city riding. Which tuning box do people recommend, and what is the most cost effective option? Is there any horsepower increase on these powerboxes? The bike is completly stock...
  6. Issues and Troubleshooting
    As many of you I decided to replace the original muffler with a less restrictive one, I chose this one with a decat: I was really happy with it; good sound, low weight, and looks nice After some month I installed a Rapidbike Evo and a new decat pipe: After that I realized that with the...
  7. Parts And Accessories
    Hello All, I been working extra hours at work so that I can get my 390 duke how it want it. Please let me know if anyone has any parts for sale. Thanks !!
  8. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hi everyone, first time posting on here, I have a 2018 390 duke with a akrapovic slip on muffler. I have just installed a coober high flow air filter box, it has slightly added a little more power but im not sure if i like the sound difference yet. I do want to buy a decat link pipe exhaust so i...
  9. Exhaust And Fuel Delivery
    Hello forum goers. Hoping one of you might be able to lend your experience. I've got a 2019 Duke 390 that I'm trying to fit a LeoVince cat eliminating mid-pipe to. This one. The thing is, this thing doesn't seem to fit. I've removed the stock silencer and pre silencer, and got the top of the...
1-12 of 12 Results