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  1. FS: KTM Duke 390 kit Wheel Stickers

    Parts And Accessories
    Hi everyone, after spending some time looking online for some decent stickers for my bike and finding them for only like 90 €, I decided to design them myself and have them printed by a printer in my city. The only drawback is that they offered me at least 5 sets of stickers, so now I have...
  2. Can't fit the new handle

    Riding Gear and Apparel
    Hi, I was trying to replace the original handle of my KTM Duke 390 2018 with a pairs of protaper ones that I've bought on AliExpress, but when I tooked off the DX knob, I noticed that the diameter was different with the new one: It was 26mm against the 24mm of the new one. I've tried to search...
  3. KTM Duke 390 Not 373

    KTM Duke General Discussion
    Why is KTM Duke is called 390 when it's cc is 373.2 cc??
  4. New 390 Owner From Houston

    New Members Introduction
    Hi Guys, I just picked up my brand new 2019 this past weekend. So far I've added the Coober Air Box, KTM Powerparts Guard levers, and Yoshimura Tail Tidy. Next, I will be installing MNNTHBX Frame Sliders, CICMOD Axle Sliders, and KTM Powerparts Brake Res Cover. Then finally I will be painting...
  5. Coolant leak on 2019 390 duke 500 miles /w pics

    KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hello Family!! I am almost due for my 600 mile service and I have notice coolant on the frame of my bike. It looks like it’s coming from the top right side somewhere but I can’t seem to find the cause. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated and I will go to ktm workshop this weekend, I...