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  1. KTM RC390 General Discussion
    Hello fellow members. I've arrived in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to be exact. and planning to travel across the island. I wanted some help in learning about bike shops, bike parts, places to visit etc. I do have 3 KTM bikes, so any help/ suggestions would be appreciated. Regards.
  2. KTM Duke Pictures
    Finally getting into the 60s+ here in the midwest US. Forgot how fun this little bike is. Trying hard to find a replacement exhaust for this Competition werkes, would love to get my hands on something under seat rear exit. Follow me on IG for more, @859videos
  3. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have Duke 390 2019 in orange color. I would like to paint it to new Duke 2021 gray color. Does anyone know which is code of that color or some name? Kind regards
  4. Parts And Accessories
    Very good condition, used only for 30km. Like new I can send within EU Fully legal, I have all papers Everything like on the photo Contact here or mail [email protected]
    €380 EUR
  5. Appearance & Modifications
    Hi everyone, I would like to share what all performance upgrades I have done to my Duke 390. Duke 390 was my dream bike from the day I had seen it on youtube and people moto vlogging on it. The 390 had become every youth's aspiration to buy in India. So let me start with some photos of my modded...
  6. KTM Duke General Discussion
    I have KTM Duke 390 Bs6 My Version:1V08 Problems with my Bike: 1. My bike is not starting in a single start. 2. Bike wobbles while doing 120+. 3. Ther is a huge powerlag (compred to Bs4 ). Do u guys know any solution? Please ping me...........!
  7. KTM Duke General Discussion
    I know this question has probably been asked, but for every diagram an answer I look for the 2017 390 engine and the 2016 390 engine have 0 differences in the size of the clutch cover. Would this part fit a 2016 390 Duke?
  8. KTM Duke Pictures
    Purchased in September of 2021, had 2400 miles on it and quite a few mods. Learned to drive it AS i was leaving the lot. Sadly, in winter storage until March.
  9. Parts And Accessories
    This is a Competition Werks slip on ONLY, no cat delete pipe, for the 2016 Bodystyle Duke 390. Previous owner put on, ran for 2400 miles...Ive ran 2000 miles on it myself. I'm really wanting to go a different route, for a somewhat quieter commute. Will ship on your dime, local pickup...
  10. KTM RC390 General Discussion
    Whenever my bike is on gear , And whenever I try to pull or push my bike back or front in gear by pressing my clutch it doesn't come back or move front
  11. KTM Duke General Discussion
    I actually want how the speed is measured, it is basically by rpm of the crankshaft I guess if I am not wrong but it also have two different connectors for rpm and speed in wiring harness. So I need a confirm information regarding how the speed is measured.
  12. New Rider Section
    ive had my eyes on a ktm duke for some time now! ive been on the road for 2 years now but on a sinnis harrier 125, automatic, but dont want too big of a bike to start with essentially, now from what ive read over the years its had it problems and such, but anyone know what the 2021 model is...
  13. Dealers, Purchases and Orders
    Hello, I own Aprilia sx 125 and im form EU, have a1 licnense, i want to buy KTM Duke 390 but i wonder if its from India or Austria or is there any diffrence because i saw they are cheapre over there costing 3000 euros and here 5000. Thanks for help
  14. Issues and Troubleshooting
    I own a first gen 2013 Duke 390, recently its intake camshaft decided to go kaput. Was adviced a rebuild by the KTM dealer as it had caused some damage inside the engine, fast forward...a new block, piston, valves, cams... Everytime i crank her on a cold engine, it gives out white smoke for...
  15. Parts And Accessories
    Hi everyone, after spending some time looking online for some decent stickers for my bike and finding them for only like 90 €, I decided to design them myself and have them printed by a printer in my city. The only drawback is that they offered me at least 5 sets of stickers, so now I have...
  16. Riding Gear and Apparel
    Hi, I was trying to replace the original handle of my KTM Duke 390 2018 with a pairs of protaper ones that I've bought on AliExpress, but when I tooked off the DX knob, I noticed that the diameter was different with the new one: It was 26mm against the 24mm of the new one. I've tried to search...
  17. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Why is KTM Duke is called 390 when it's cc is 373.2 cc??
  18. New Members Introduction
    Hi Guys, I just picked up my brand new 2019 this past weekend. So far I've added the Coober Air Box, KTM Powerparts Guard levers, and Yoshimura Tail Tidy. Next, I will be installing MNNTHBX Frame Sliders, CICMOD Axle Sliders, and KTM Powerparts Brake Res Cover. Then finally I will be painting...
  19. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hello Family!! I am almost due for my 600 mile service and I have notice coolant on the frame of my bike. It looks like it’s coming from the top right side somewhere but I can’t seem to find the cause. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated and I will go to ktm workshop this weekend, I...
1-20 of 20 Results