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  1. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hey Guys, Pretty new around here. I just got a new KTM duke 390 2021. If I am getting it right, this is a BS6 engine, since the exhaust goes below the engine. My main concerns are connected with buying a new exhaust. I want to buy an exhaust that will not need any reprogramming. Is my only...
  2. Service and Maintenance
    Recently bought a 2021 Duke 390. I was under the impression that the first service should be around 600 miles. When I crossed the 100 mile mark on the bike the red line jumped from 6k to 10k RPM and the service light came on. Is this normal or something I should look into? Thanks!
  3. New Members Introductions
    Hi, I just got my 2020 3 days ago. It's a cool bike. I'm used to big bikes so this bike feels kind of small for me... However, there is a whirring/ light grinding noise coming from the front wheel area. I might just be overthinking it and I know I have yo break it in but it's concerning. Anyone...
  4. New Members Introductions
    Hi Guys, I just picked up my brand new 2019 this past weekend. So far I've added the Coober Air Box, KTM Powerparts Guard levers, and Yoshimura Tail Tidy. Next, I will be installing MNNTHBX Frame Sliders, CICMOD Axle Sliders, and KTM Powerparts Brake Res Cover. Then finally I will be painting...
1-4 of 4 Results