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  1. KTM RC390 General Discussion
    Hello fellow members. I've arrived in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to be exact. and planning to travel across the island. I wanted some help in learning about bike shops, bike parts, places to visit etc. I do have 3 KTM bikes, so any help/ suggestions would be appreciated. Regards.

    New parts for the wife's 390
  3. Service and Maintenance
    Wasn't sure whether this belonged in issues or maintenance - but here goes! My bike is a 1st gen Duke 390 (2013), always serviced - basically stock. It's my daily commuter and I'd hate to part with it so I really need some guidance here...not a technical person so keep that in mind while you're...
  4. KTM Duke General Discussion
    So I didn't check the bolts on my exhaust guard and it fell off somewhere. Does anybody that upgraded their exhaust still have one laying around they would be willing to part with??? Thanks in advance.
1-4 of 4 Results