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  1. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello guys, I was wondering if by any chance I could swap my 2016 Duke 390 with a newer one, let's say 2017+ or an engine from an RC390? The engine on my bike has blown, the piston rod broke and did too much damage on the inside. The engine is not worth repairing and there's too much work. A...
  2. Issues and Troubleshooting
    I have recently done basic service for the bike and changed the oil. And around a month later I noticed some oil leak from the bottom of the engine. Further checking and cleaning revealed that there is some oil leak from the corner of the engine. I have checked the oil level, its on the...
  3. Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hi Everyone I have been enjoying my RC390 A month ago I have changed the oil everything went well and I ve been riding the bike almost everyday. Yesterday I realised there was some oil leak, like a lot, I could see the oil on the ground. Then I tracked the oil and it was coming from the oil...
  4. Issues and Troubleshooting
    Hi I'm from India. I have rc390. Recently I checked and found airfilter box has crack and my bike is giving smoke. Can anybody help me what the problem is this? And how to resolve?
  5. KTM Duke General Discussion
    What are your experiences on riding Duke 390 2017+ on track? Have you made any modifications to make it better on track? I have felt the Duke's ergonomics are far from pleasent on track. Handle is kind of too high. I am also planning to get an RC390 for track use. But really confused whether...
1-5 of 5 Results