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  1. KTM 390 Adventure Wheels And Tires
    On the oem continental TC70 rear tire there’s an arrow “—REAR—>”. I understood this as “the rear of the bike this way” and mounted the tire with the arrow pointing to the rear of the bike. The thread pattern on the tire looks like it it doesn’t matter wich way is front or back. Question: is it...
  2. Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
    Hi, I recently changed the front-tire of my Duke 390 (2017) and used some soapy water (maybe I've used to much water). Yesterday after driving, I saw that soapy water came out of the rim (one day after the tire change). What would you do? Do you think the soapy water will go away on its own? Do...
  3. KTM Duke General Discussion
    Hey guys, new owner of a 2019 I just picked up. I was wondering if I could run Shinko 804 / 805 Big Block Adventure Touring Tires on the rims that come with the bike and what the cons would be? If anyone has a similar set up, I would love to see some pictures! I am looking at the 110/80 and...
1-3 of 3 Results