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Hello all,
Recently the shell bearing died, took the crank and the con rod with it, i ordered a new crank assembly from my local ktm dealer and i figured out this morning that it was the wrong one, a decent inspection they are very similar the only difference that i noted was the keyway for the primary gear and sproket, is longer and not as deep as the old crankshaft, so i called a different shop and read them the part number and they informed me this part number is for 17-18 (mines a 16) now im wondering do i split the case again and pay the 25% restocking fee for the wrong part, or can i get a different key and make this work, i cant find any detailed information on what the changes were to the crankshaft between 16-17 and am wondering if this keyway was the only change, any insight would be very helpful thank you!

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After a quick check on ktmsparepartsfinder I can see the following.
  • the crankshafts for 2016 and 2017 are different: 90230018100 vs 93830018100
  • the 2016 crank has 2x key J888040050 measuring 4x5x13
  • the 2017 has 1x J888040050/4x5x13 and 1x J888040150/4x4x12

Hard to say what else is different but if you like to check what other parts are different please visit the ktmsparepartsfinder site, fill out your VIN code where asked and compare these parts with the later models 2017>

For the later models click the right top box to select model, year etc.

Good luck.
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