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2019 Duke 390 - 2016 Yamaha XSR900 - 1981 Yamaha XS850 Midnight Special
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Long post but I appreciate anybody reading and any input from experience or expertise.

Up front info:
2019 Duke
5000 miles
Powertronic piggyback ecu
Aftermarket muffler

A few days back I was riding my 390 on the highway around 55mph and it just shut off. I coasted to a safe spot and it refused to restart. Luckily I was only about 10 miles into the ride so I towed it home in my truck and began the process of troubleshooting.

Pulled the tank and checked all connections. Checked the kickstand sensor, coil, spark plug.

I sprayed a quick squirt of starting fluid into the air filter and it started but the check engine light was on. After shutting it off it continued to NOT start.

The next day it started. But again after a time or 2 of starting it went back to not starting.

At this point I thought maybe my fuel had some moisture in it or I have an injector or pump problem. Some sort of fuel delivery problem.

For the sake of cheap and easy troubleshooting, I thought maybe my fuel was no good. I drained almost all of the fuel and put in fresh. The bike has been starting fine and running great without the check engine light since I did this. I have probably started it 20 to 25 times since doing this and it's just like before I had any problems.

Since I still don't really know what has happened, have any of you guys had this similar thing happen? Maybe it was just bad fuel or maybe my problem has subsided temporarily and will come back. I have not had time to test ride it yet but I have to say it will probably take some time to build trust back into the bike.

There are a lot of threads about these bikes stalling, etc. but those stories are different as some say they get errors of ECM failure and things like that. I ordered an adapter so I can attempt to pull that check engine code I had but I have not received the adapter yet to do so.

Thanks for any feedback. I've had this bike almost 2 years with zero problems. The mods listed above have been in place for over a year and 3000 miles so I don't think they are related to my problems I've had.

Thanks again for reading my thread.
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