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Anyone using highway foot pegs to stretch out legs?

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I do 2000 Km per month and I work from home, so I really like riding in my spare time. On rides around 400Km up to my longest in a day at 622 km my knees really bug me and recall thinking so that's what Harleys have forward pegs for and visualized installing some pegs for the straighter roads I take getting to the twisty roads northeast of Toronto. I've seen some people put cages on their super dukes with universal pegs mounted to them up front and suspect that's my best bet but looking for ideas and ideally someone that's done this that can provide part numbers to order.

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I've got the KTM PowerParts engine bars (90212968244C1) and can rest the heels of my boots on the short front/horizontal bars. It's not ideal, but it definitely helps stretch the legs out after being on the bike for longer periods. Really, any change in hip/knee angle feels great after a while...

I'm sure I could attach some highway pegs to the cage, but I just haven't felt the need to (yet).

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