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Anyone using highway foot pegs to stretch out legs?

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I do 2000 Km per month and I work from home, so I really like riding in my spare time. On rides around 400Km up to my longest in a day at 622 km my knees really bug me and recall thinking so that's what Harleys have forward pegs for and visualized installing some pegs for the straighter roads I take getting to the twisty roads northeast of Toronto. I've seen some people put cages on their super dukes with universal pegs mounted to them up front and suspect that's my best bet but looking for ideas and ideally someone that's done this that can provide part numbers to order.

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I have a 2022 and will do a simple mod to the front with some highway pegs not attached in the traditional way. Some people have attached crash guards along with clip-on highway pegs. I think that drastically changes the overall look of the bike which is not what im going for.

When Im done ill take pics providing I approve of it.
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Yep that's exactly what's done. I just find that as unnecessary girth to this bike. Also lots of pegs that clamp onto the bar aren't firmly attached to the bar and they will move out of place marring the paint of the bar. However the pegs that do attach firmly that stay in place will still damage the paint on the bar.since it needs to firmly tighten. Not ideal to me.
If looks are important, you're not gonna like this. Here are some photos of the right side.love that orange peel on the frame. People don't buy KTMs for the looks, obviously.
The placement of the front pegs in your pic on the cage is not that distant from the stock pegs. I am altering mine where there is a fair distance where it feels far more relaxed. I also don't want it to change the look of the bike so it will require you to unfold the peg when you want to use it.
Unfortunately I have a ways to go till the part comes in. Eta is Feb 28 so it will have to wait. Blame it on the lack of encouragement for us manufacturing.
So the rod came in today and connected everything. I rode 100 miles and may need to do a minor change before I make pics. Almost there
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I think I should consider a custom, something like this. As low as possible without hitting the ground, maybe have it spring loaded like foot pegs. View attachment 55958
So my method won't work. I'd rather go with something like this pic. That seems very stable. If you come across a custom one then please let us know. Thanks
I am going to make 1 last attempt with a different peg setup. I've already tested out something from my other attempt and it seemed fine so hopefully this will be a keeper.
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I've finally finished with my idea and rode 200mi with the pegs on and they do very well. They are strong and sturdy. It mainly consists of 2 sets of 4.1" pegs on each side of the engine. You are essentially butting each up to each other where the base of one peg goes inside the other peg where only 4" stick out. Ive cut one of the pegs down so the total length doesn't stick out as much and look like an obvious modification. When you afix 2 full pegs side by side then it sticks out a total of 8" from the engine mounting bolt. I've cut 1 peg down by 2" where both pegs now stick out a total of 6". With it being cut down and shorter, you will have to angle your foot while resting it on the peg. That is the compromise that I'm willing to deal with so the pegs don't take away the look of the bike. If you put on both pegs side by side for the full 8" then you won't need to angle your foot.

The process was very lengthy since the parts were all from China which took a month to receive. I needed to get a m12 x 1.25 rod and pegs that bolt onto the rod. All of which are not sold in America.

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Pics of the bike page.....
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This is the rod I used. I got the 500mm so I could double up on both pegs to see if I liked the length. After I found out that I wanted to go with
6" for the pegs, I cut the rod down to 12" which is 300mm.

These are the pegs I used. You thread them onto the rod by hand then fasten a bolt and washer of the same type that you can get at the auto stores
which go through each peg.

Lastly you'll need 2 'Go Through Ratchets" with 15mm socket and extension so you can tighten each bolt through the rod on each side. This Harbor Freight
kit has everything you need. You'll essentially need 2 of these.

Again if you are fine with the full 8" of 2 pegs sticking out then that will be the most comfortable. I think it will take away from the look of the bike if you do the
full 8" but thats me.
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I wouldn't rely on any sort of pegs if the bike goes down while riding. Pegs are primarily for saving the bike if you drop it from a stand still. You will most likely damage the engine with pegs since they have the tendency to bend while sliding. You will want to get the bulky engine frame cage protector if the concern is sliding.

Yes I am taking a risk but I don't care. I don't ride aggressively or race the bike. Im very cautious

The way these pegs are fastened through the engine is very tight and strong. I am fully confident the pegs and the engine will be safe if I drop the bike from a stand still.
These are bicycle pegs that you would use to do stunts and stuff on so they are in themselves very durable.
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