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Hello !

it's my first injection bike and i don't really understand how it behave when you modify the injector. My dealer don't want to do other things than regular maintenance so i'll have to do it by myself and i nerver done it before.

I'm planning on installing the bigger injector from gray area ktm and a rapid bike evo. But i'm wondering how the bike will start once the bigger injector is installed. Does the rapid bike evo will manage the fuelling at first start or do i'll have to manually change the iddle fuel trims ? ( i believe the autotune will do the rest once the bike is started )

Also is it a complicated operation to change the injector ? I think it's pretty simple ( unplugged fuel and the electronic connector then replace the injector and plug back the fuel and electronic), but my dealer is looking at me like if it was an open heart operation...

So any help will be greatly appreciated, i know some of you have done this modification and i 'm really curious how you made your bike start ?

And for those who are wondering why i want a bigger injector : my bike is already epuiped with the gray area airbox + coober lid and a decat pipe.

Thanks :)
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