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Hey folks I'm new here.
My 2013 Duke 390 became increasingly harder to shift gears in the space of an hour. By the time I got home, I couldn't shift to neutral, so had to stall it.
I adjusted the hand lever slightly, then adjusted the bottom end to it's maximum adjustment.
This didn't fix the issue.
The lever which protrudes from the clutch cover on the engine was able to be rotated to its most forward position just with my fingers, and did not feel like it was pulling the pressure plate to disengage the clutch pack.
I tried reseating the rod in case it had slipped.
I have taken off the clutch cover and pressure plate to check the tightness of the nuts inside. Everything was tight.
I tried reinstalling the cover and rod in situ so I knew it was aligned, but the problem remains.
Any ideas?

The plunger seems to slide out about 1/2 inch before contacting the plate.
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Plunger can slide in...
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And it slides out with no effort...
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Clutch actuator rod correctly positioned? Note I have to rotate it a quarter turn anticlockwise in order to install the cover.
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Shows how far I can push the lever forward just with my finger, as it isn't pulling on the clutch pressure plate at this point.
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