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The installation is a little tight, and one of the connectors is a pig to disassemble, but you just need a little patience.
The instructions are a little poor, so I posted my thoughts and how I did it: forum link here.
Having the Coober is so much better than without, but it's not the cheapest.
I managed to get a discount just by asking.
The Booster Plug is cheaper, and it doesn't appear to hook into the wiring in as many places as the Coober.
The Coober controls:

  • Crankshaft Sensor
  • Ignition
  • Throttle
  • Fuel Injection

I worked on the premise: buy cheap, buy twice.
I have no regrets spending a little more on the Coober.
Oh, and apparently Coober worked with KTM to produce their piggy-back ECU; go figure.
Old thread but I bought my 2020 390 Duke new and installed the Coober ECU, air box cover and de-cat at 65 miles on the clock and haven't looked back. Turned my bike into an urban assault machine. Definitely worth the money if you ride like a hooligan!
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