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Cooked Lambada sensor anyone??

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I got Fault/Blink code 45 (O2 heater) when I started the bike to go home from work yesterday. I'd say she's cooked..... Thought the FuelX would keep her running properly in closed loop, but this damage could very possibly have been done before I changed the fuel injector to the Gray Area KTM injector or installed the FuelX, & the FuelX never could get a proper O2 reading..... Never seen one this white before, no wonder she's been running hot!

Side note..... Stock replacement is $169 USD, for an O2 sensor!!!!! To he** with that! I found a Bosch replacement from a Pontiac on Amazon with the same color wires for $48 shipped, will be here tomorrow. Just need to de-pin the plug and insert the pins into the factory plug.

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So did the GM sensor work out? Did you ever check your plug or get an actual AFR reading?
I will NEVER have one of my bikes at a dealership, those idiots could screw up lubing a chain!!! Compression & leak down were checked after I shaved the head flat and replaced the stock blown head gasket with a thin head gasket kit, both before initial start up and after 150 miles or so.

I can see variances in fuel, but not to that extreme. I do occasionally run a tank of non-ethanol through it to keep things clean and tidy. I have to assume this will affect the FuelX that is supposed to be "Auto-tuning" the closed loop, but should be within it's capabilities to "Tune on the fly" as they claim. Normally run 93 octane from 2 different stores close to home, unless I am out on a long ride. Before this failure I had been on a LONG ride that required 3 fill-ups from 3 different (not my usual) stations, so I could very well have gotten some funky gas that day (2 days before the sensor failed completely).

I am still leaning towards having already done most of the damage to the sensor after the head gasket repair, and before I got the Gray Area KTM injector installed. I am monitoring AFR on EVERY ride now to see what it is doing so I can try to catch it running lean if it does. So far with the new sensor, all seems good.
How do you monitor your AFR?
I have a BT OBDII dongle, K-line to OBDII harness that plugs into the service port on the bike under the seat, and use the Torque Pro app with custom PID's for AFR. Only works with 1st gen though, 2nd gen went to CAN data.
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