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I bought cheap amazon knock off crash bars for my sons 2016 Duke 390. I knew I ****** up when we were putting them on and they didnt line up. I have the tools and ability to cut and reweld the bars but laggged in doing it until my son washed the front end and broke the shifter at the track. I cut and rewelded the bars so they fit. One side is out off the case further than the other. It was clear to me that there was going to be ground clearance issues. I layed the bike down and the foot peg and crash bars touched at about the same time. So that translates to grinding crash bars when cornering low enough to grind foot peg. Plus it looked like it would still be possible to brake the shifter or brake pedal with those crash bars on. So thats not good. The clearance or the possible brakage. So now Im wondering about case savers since their the most important pieces to protect and I guess we'll just have to buy extra shifters and brake pedals. Or other options that people have used?

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