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Disable or reduce rear ABS aggressiveness

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After a few thousand Kms on the 390 I'd like to be able to lock the rear tire or reduce the rear ABS aggressiveness by a ton. I use the rear brake a lot and I'm comfortable sliding the rear. If I had just the front ABS on it'd be perfect.

Is this possible to do this in a sanish safe manner?
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Theres a dongle switch thats used on the SM range of their bikes so you can turn the rear off, its not been tested if it works on the 390 but. If you simply removed the ABS ring from the rear Im not sure what would happen, the ecu will probably flip out and disable it all together.
The easiest way is just turn it off all together.
I've mailed Rally Raid UK asking if the dongle works with a D390. It's a Bosch 9M dual channel ABS and from what I understand it takes into account front and real wheel speed depending on the situation. I do like the front ABS on given the crazy riding situations that present themselves here.

Perhaps it's time to stalk the Bosch ABS factory in my town and jump an engineer :confused:
yep keen on hearing if this will work, I really don't like the rear abs
Liz just got back from Rally Raid UK saying the dongle isn't compatible with the D390 :(
It'd be great to see this at work in a little comparison video. Also interested to just hear about it in a write up.

Can you elaborate some more on what you don't like about how the ABS works right now?
Video like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q-iz5rByoc ?

Don't get me wrong, I want the front ABS on all the time on street. I feel the rear ABS on this bike is too much of a nanny, slowing right down to 10 Km/hr. The rear ABS might seem safe but it's an unnatural gait and its unsettling on hard stops. A 3rd option of turning the rear ABS off I would pay for.
Bonus points if it kicked in only above 80-100 Km/hr or both front and rear were completely selectable on the fly from the handlebar :)

The ability to lock my rear tire at will, just not the front would be tight. With its light weight and stiff frame, the thing's so poised, you could slide it around at will, with accuracy. Now the sad thought of slowing and the ride coming to a near end around every turn and parking spot can be fun. Without fear of topsiding. I would shed a tear every time I replaced the rear tire but no more.

I asked Powertronics, but they manage ignition and engine only.
Autoevolution has a brief on these Bosch motorcycle ABS.

Does anyone have any technical data on this unit?
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I agree with you completely. I love ABS but don't see any point in having it on the rear wheel. In particular if you make an emergency stop in dry conditions the rear wheel should be able to leave the road or at least just be skimming it. The ABS cuts in very distractingly when that happens.

The other situation is if you have to descend a steep slope on wet grass or mud. I find it is preferable to lock the wheel (clutch in) and let it act as a drag anchor in these conditions because it then behaves in a predictable way. Its not really practical or desirable to turn off the ABS completely.
Did anyone find a way, what about running a brake line direct from the lever to the calliper, bypassing and blocking off the ABS module under the tank? I don't like the rear abs but love the front. (2015 duke 390)
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