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My bike has trouble Starting, what is mean is it cranks and cranks and on and on but doesn't wanna start.
And then it suddenly starts and when it does start it doesn't wanna stay running, it runs for about 5-10 seconds and shuts off unless i give it some gas. when i hold it between 2.5 to 5k rpm it stays running some times the revs start playing.

If anyone can explain how, id add a video showing the issue

things I have done so far are : New battery,
Took apart the throttle body and cleaned it,
New spark plug.(the old one when I took it apart had smelled of gas and seemed black at the tip)
New air filter.
Valve clearance was checked and is fine.
Fuel pump was presure checked and is fine.

Could anyone help me work this out ?
Any info would help.
being that you have clocked a lot (goodthing) check all ground connection on the frame and clean the oxidation with a 400-600 grit sheet
The bike has 43,000 kilometers on it
yes, check the Ignition coil. might be the spark plug adaptor untwist (counterclock wise) check the inside if it is discoloured (both ends)
it be nice to post the values ignition coil Values in ohms;
secondary with spark plug adaptor;
just the spark plug adaptor;
it be good data base to learn from
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