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Duke 390 Suspension

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New to this group.

I recently bought a new KTM 390 Duke from Fowlers of Bristol.

Very happy with the bike but I am looking to improve its suspension, as the roads around me have lots of potholes that is only going to get worse. Around me, there is no interest in resurfacing poor roads, but just more roadworks to dig more holes that will be filled in badly.

I am in touch with Mark Holland in Chippenham and he can offer me an Ohlin's rear shock and is looking into what can be done with the front forks, with an Italien company.

I am happy with the bike and will keep it for a long time, but would just like better suspension.

The Duke 390 has non-adjustable front forks and you can only alter pre-load at the back, but has anyone got any experiences with modifying the suspension?
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Welcome 馃槂
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Lots of options, I ride in a similar (possibly worse) environment.
I have been using an 脰hlins KT301 and switched to a Nitron that I find better.
Run a Nitron shock now on both my bikes.
Fro the front I run Andreani and the other bike Mupo. Both are Italian and I think equally good.
Good suspension will cost you 20% of the new value of the bike and will transform the ride. An ex police biker I know recons good suspension is worth 15 bhp! It transformed my F650 GS which was Wilbers front and rear. In corner tracking was night and day.

The upgrade to progressive springs on the front 鈥渇elt鈥 the biggest improvement, yet this was probably only 30% of the upgrade cost.

Key thing is , its a personal thing , if you are keeping the bike great, suspension has virtually zero value at trade in.
You can spend vast amounts of money on suspension but unless you race or ride off road I鈥檇 have to question if you鈥檇 ever get your moneys worth. A simple upgrade for the front is to fit the WP open suspension fork legs from a Svartpilen.

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Got to agree with Mirius, as I said above the improvement to my forks using progressive springs was much more noticeable than the rear shock upgrade
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