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UPDATE: I saw another video with stalling issues, fixing it by cleaning throttle body and injector. So as it is by far easier I just did it today.
As I said: Check wiring etc...
Good to know!!!

my God, Holmes, this metric system is confusing... 馃え
Really?! IMHO, Imperial is so weird, no relation between units!!!
Please, assume that keeping Imperial in 21st century is little bit creepy :D

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Really?! IMHO, Imperial is so weird
yeh.. no.. i agree with ya.

actually it was just a jest at the admin, because he's always bustin' on me about how I [live in the realm of an arcane and archaic culture], [one that apparently still clings to the dullery and confusion of all things presumably imperial].

and yes, the brackets are supposed to signify [paraphrasing, and my own artistic license on the matter]. 馃ゴ
IOW, no, he didn't actually say all that.

However, I do recall occasional comments referring, only momentarily, to things such as 'the dark ages', in reference to my mathematical foolery.
Don't bother looking for them, he edited them back out, aHA!
But not before I actually received the email informing me of those responses...
[insert extended evil laughter here]

[omg, i've gone off track here]

the bit about "my God, Holmes, this metric system is confusing... 馃え" was actually supposed to be a jest at the idea that
"an Askhole" was yet another metric of modern culture I was not yet [properly educated to comprehend]. 馃槀

[texting can sometimes be so difficult]
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