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570 miles in two weeks so first maintenance and engine 'unlocked' this weekend. Honestly getting those big mirrors out of the way changed the whole experience. I was laughing like a maniac tearing through downtown today.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Fuel tank

I'll be damned if just the airbox and exhaust doesn't make a little difference though. Such a punchy bike just soooooo choppy at low rpm.

So far:

KTM Powerparts bar end mirrors
Coffman Shorty exhaust w/ bling tip
Bagoros full crash bobbin set
Coober vented air-box
(edit: how could I forget PowerParts ergo seat. Single most important upgrade if you get only one; that stock seat is hot garbage)

Ordered and awaiting:
1fingr '2fnger' st-perch clutch and brake levers
Bagoros Tail Tidy

Up next:
Powertronics ECU and FuelX

Bagoros 48t sprocket and chain
Bagoros subframe
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