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Front sprocket lock washer (aka locking plate) pretty rusty looking. Should I replace?

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Hi all,

So I was cleaning out the gunk out of the front sprocket and I noticed that the somewhat diamond shape lock washer on the front sprocket is looking rather brown. I'm not noticing anything mechanically wrong with the bike, but out of an abundance of caution this has me a little concerned.

Should I replace this?

And a secondary question for those who have messed with this part of the bike, is it just a simple replace with 2 screws or are there any gotchas?

Thanks y'all.
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Interesting. Though it doesn't look like it, I do maintain it every 500 miles. Must be all the riding in the rain I've been doing this winter.
This is why I’d suggest lubing when it needs it and not by mileage.
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