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Got a '22!!

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Hey folks how goes it?!

First time street bike owner, snagged me a 2022 fresh off the lot two weeks ago. I've been waiting for one for a while now and got super lucky. Does anyone else have a 22 yet? It's an absolute blast and boy is my wallet happy with sub $20 fill ups! Whoever says small bikes are worthless ( I was told this incessantly) is just wrong. This thing is so fun, and in the Malibu canyon twisties its a weapon. I've been riding dirt bikes and raced downhill MTB's my whole life so I'm rather comfortable on it and I'm having way too much of a good time.

Plan to do a few things, get rid of the fender, get a slip on, and find some less funky lookin mirrors. I live close to a tuner and plan to get it dialed in with a slip on to smooth it out, but it's so good as is and I love it!

If anyone lives near Thousand Oaks California and wants to ride, lets go chase down some R1's in the canyons!
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Personal view:
I am not an exhaust replacement person for looks at all but about any exhaust/muffler change:
In general, for our single-cylinder engines, the volume of the can is important (if you want to keep or increase the BHP).
The famous German tuner at Pirate-Racing has done numerous dyno tests on mainly 690's (single-cylinder) engines and without any exception, all the larger cans perform better, be it on a standard engine or PCV piggyback.
As mentioned before, I have tried an Ixil Hyper-low and a MIVV (both full exhausts) on mine and although not on a dyno, returned back to the 'teapot' OE (first-series).
It appears our engines need the larger volume silencers in order to produce or increase the power.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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