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Hi everyone,

I had a 2018 Duke and bought the ergo seat which was a much better seat than the stock seat. I sold my 2018 Duke due to a move but removed and kept the ergo seat, knowing that I would most likely buy another Duke. Well, I bought a new 2021 Duke 390, which was suprisingly hard to find. I had to buy it from California and have it shipped. There were none in stock where I live. In any event, I hired a guy on Uship and the bike arrived in perfect condition.

My question is whether anyone knows if any seat improvements were made to the 2021 Duke. The seat seems almost identical to the ergo powerparts seat I have. I was about to change it out when I realized it's not the hard plasticky feel of the 2018 Duke. Apart from the logo being in a different location and white stitching on the ergo seat I can't really tell if there's a difference. The both feel "squishy". Is there a difference?

I'm thinking I may have an extra ergo seat that I probably won't put on the new bike. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Thanks to everyone and happy Thanksgiving. :)
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