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I need some advice again.
My KTM 390 duke [2018 model] has started new problem, “engine stalling”.
It started giving this trouble at 13000 km. [now its 14500, still having it]
  • Nature of the problem
Engine just cuts off within first 20 min during a ride. Minimum 3 times, maximum 16 that I could count.
While acceleration, while deceleration, while constant speed, while off throttle, while full throttle, while in gear[any] and while in neutral.
There is no pattern basically, except for the fact it happens within first 20 min or so. After that, bike would go flying for hundreds of km giving that full experience of hair-raising acceleration and dashing through corners without any sign of engine trouble.
Red “engine-sign” appears on and off, at times.

Bike condition
  • Odometer 14500km
  • Proper engine oil level, new oil filters, oil screeners good, new fuel filter, new air filter, new spark plug, throttle body cleaned, fuel injector cleaned, battery good [goes up to 14.3V] fuel tank cleaned and dried, OBD clear, ECU error codes cleared at service station. [Basically, I have attempted every possible end that I could figure out] did everything to fix the problem but problem stays on continuously

Interesting findings
  • Trouble comes up in both cold morning or hot noon. [in my country there are no big summer winter difference, its around 30C these days.
  • Bike was reset-or error memory cleared by the service guy once and suddenly the problem was gone for a day, where I rode it back home 60 km. next day, **** happened again.
  • When engine stops while riding, hitting start button does not start the engine. I hear it keeps cranking but would not start, regardless of how many times I would try.
  • Instead, if I turn the key off, wait 5 seconds turn on again, wait till the TFT display boosts up and touch the start button, bike starts up nicely, and I can ride till it stops again, to repeat the process.
  • I found that even if I keep the key position unchanged and use engine run-off switch on handlebar to cut off, wait then switch on after the bike stalls, it starts when the starter button is touched.
  • Even manual push start won’t work when the engine cuts off, but switching off the key [or run-off] and coming back does the job.
  • What I do now is be obedient, to pull the clutch as soon the engine goes off, so the bike still is moving and turn run-off switch off. Then switch on and push starter to get the engine back and continue riding.

Feedback from service station
  • They are clueless. Keeps telling me they will figure it out.
  • What I wanted them to do was reset my ECU to factory setting [like mobile phones can be reset] but I don’t know if they understand.

My second option is to buy a new ECU and try, as I feel the fault must be in the electronic part.
Can I just throw the old ECU, put the new one and just “ride”?
Or will I need the service guy and his scanner thing to fix new ECU?

Please help me on this. You guys must be having lot more experience.
Not sure if you figured it out yet, but my 390 Adventure had a fuel line that was kinked under the tank. Have a look at the new part that KTM changed.

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It's in the decel, downshifting seems to prevent it. Squeeze the clutch and it stalls out when coming to a stop. Not every time (%25). It's a 2020. I'm going to bypass the clutch switch tomorrow just to rule it out.

KTM 390 Duke [2018]
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I just bought this bike and have the same problem. Of course the prior owner failed to mention it. I test drove it while cold. Anyone find a solution?
tell me more Dan, give me details. I might have some real information for you. I suffered like **** and finally figured out the ****, which surprised the **** out of my dealer.

Happy to help.

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Care 2 share?
KTMasean, I can not resist replying you since you were really really helpful for me all the time.

There are many reasons for the engine stalling in KTM 390 Duke, [This is my experience as a rider]
1] error codes in system [ If MIL is on, definetely there is /are codes to be checked and cleared. sometimes, MIL is not on, but codes are waiting to be cleared as history codes]
2] faulty / dirty clutch switch [simple wipe could fix it for hundreds of Km, but replacing is cheap and 10 minutes at home.]
3] loose spark plug top/ connection
4] bad wiring [there are few groundings to the body, one could be loose. It s worth giving a look]
5] faulty ECU [this was my case, ecu may go crazy if you ride your bike with a loose ground connection ]

It is really difficult to say which could be the cause, but if Dan gives all details, I m sure that I might be able to link it to the root. [Details like when the bike stalls, which gear/speed/rpm/clutch on or off/up shifting or downshifting/ engine temperature/ frequency of stall per Km / MIL /does engine starts up as soon as the start button is touched /does engine cranks or not / starts up back in neutral or any gear .......etc.

Sorry I can not give a specific suggestion on Dan s problem, but analyzing details can get to the root for sure.
KTMasean, this was for you.

Love to help a KTM rider anytime.
I love my Duke.
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