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Yea, yea some of you don't like rider aids, maybe it feels too much like the bike is riding you, maybe you're a control freak. No matter. The Duke 1190 is coming with Bosch's new Motorcycle Stability Control....

This Bosch System is touted as the first EFFECTIVE cornering ABS. Braking through a corner, sensors measuring lean-angle, pitch and braking pressure allow the bike to intervene in time to prevent twist, slide, tuck and crash. The system also alternates brake force between front and rear meaning this Duke is less likely to try and stand up through the curve.

Imagine that, corner as fast as you dare, brake as hard as you want and the bike will stop, without changing lines. Video game riding much?

Trail braking has always been a hottly debated part of motorcycle form, when to learn, how to learn, with Bosch's new MSC the question of the future may be why learn?

check out the first review First Ride: 2014 KTM Duke 1190 Adventure with Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control - Road Tests: First Rides - Visordown
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