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Respected S***

I hope you haven’t forgotten about the ABS issue Raised earlier regarding
TN58 BF 7*** on feb 12th 2022. I’m attaching the mail regarding the same for your reference.

I would like to bring to your notice about us. We are freelancers specialised in PR and corporate strategic planning for 12 long years, since we graduated from Oxford (Business Analytics EMBA) in case you want to know about our clients we are ready to have a word in person.

The reason we introduce ourselves is to make it clear that we’re not some tom dick and harry to be treated as third grade illiterate. In line with the above given information I want to point out the issues we have been facing with your esteemed concern for past one month (from July 20, 2022 till date).

On July 20, 2022 we brought our bike to RK motors KTM Service centre KK nagar regarding error in quick shifter. At the same time I have asked them to consider it as second periodic service. But then staff reported me that they had some technical issues in their system so they couldn’t feed it as a second periodic service. Here I like to mention that second periodic service date was 26 July 2022 or 9000 kilometres which-one as earlier. As on 20th July the kilometre reading was 8926 km. Later I came to know that the quick shifter complaint was still the same.

On August 3rd we brought our vehicle again to the esteemed service centre for the same issue along with which we had additional complaints (Bike steering axis pulls on right side) I did state the issues and the solution (steering stem alignment issue) very clearly to the service supervisor’s ,senior technicians and their team. Even after stating the issues clearly they are not able to resolve the issue the way we stated. As the staff who were assigned to work on our bike were boozed. I don’t blame them for boozing all I am fascinated was boozing during work hours.

Again We took the vehicle on Aug 4th 2020 to both the service centres in bypass road and KK nagar where I was informed that the issue was because of small bent in front alloy wheel which was bought on July 8 2022 we were wondered or rather surprised to know that the alloy was bent without any accident history or any major hits. Even though I requested again and again to check the fork assembly but they were very stubborn that the issue was with the alloy wheel. Even then I did spend my hard earned money and changed the alloy and some more spares on the same day as they have mentioned. We are enclosing all the invoice copies along with this mail.

Even after changing the parts mentioned by them my issue was still not resolved. At date the kilometre reading was 9015 km even on that day I enquired about second periodic service for which none of the staff gave me a proper response. We left the showroom hard hearted.

We were forced to bring the vehicle again on 13 Aug 2022 that the quick shifter error, front steering axis issue and chain noise but they simply washed the bike and lubricated the chain and reported the issue was solved. On the same day we questioned them regarding second periodic service as the kilometres reading was around 11100 kms (approx), for which the concerned staff replied that they will try to adjust the kilometre readings feed accordingly to compensate the readings for second periodic service. According to the system the staff entered the kilometre reading as 9423 km even though it was not taken as second periodic service.

On 16 Aug 2022 they asked us to bring the vehicle to check the issue related to quick shifter we did the same but then on reaching the service centre we were informed that the technician couldn’t work without the guidance of the so called senior technician who was not available on that day.
So we took the vehicle(17 Aug 2022) to bypass service centre with great aversion on KK nagar service team. With the hope that my issue will be resolved at least by the bypass service team, to our disappointment we got a response saying that bypass service team was not that much expertise in quick shifter issue. So we were again sent back to KK nagar service centre where the senior technician who was labelled as expertise in ECU updation. Though I was standing next to the particular senior technician he said that he has solved the issue on quick shifter without even having a look at issue stated.

So on 22 Aug 2022 we really regretted for stating our issue to bunch of people who don’t even have the basic knowledge regarding the machines they were supposed to work on. We as customers do have better knowledge and understanding about our vehicle when compared to them. For your additional information as veteran motorcycle racer I hold a"Competition Licence issued by the FMSCI for a decade"with three Indian National Road Racing Championships to my credit which was already stated on the previous mail. This is to show that I’m not new to vehicles. At last the service team came to an assumption that there might be an issue on steering stem. Which was mentioned by me 20 days back. Now I have a question.

Who will bare all our unnecessary expenses(Oscillating to and fro from our home to the service centre, change of spares that wasn’t essential, all these days we have spent in the service centre we couldn’t earn our revenue as our precious time was taken granted by some talented expertise sitting in RK motors) spent during past one month regarding the bike???.

So coming to the current status service team has requested two to three days time to try rectifying the issue on steering stem.

We are bringing this to the limelight with the hope that you will understand the seriousness of this situation and take necessary action. If not kindly let us know so that we know whom we should take this issue as the next step.

There are few people who were of genuine help for us namely Mr.Sathish (Senior technician service), Mr.Praveen Raj (General Manager Sales), Mr.Vijaya Kumar (General Manager Spares)

You may wonder why we are more concerned about this issue. Is it because bikes and riding is our passion.

Hoping for your earliest response.

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Oh man! I totally feel for you and the negative experience you've had with your bike. But Samyraj, this is an international forum of like minded owners and enthusiasts. Though your post will help us understand your problem, you will get a response from KTM management in anyway shape or form. The best way to escalate your conundrum is to get your KTM regional manager in loop and make sure you don't take delivery of the bike until you are completely satisfied with the work done.

The issues you've faced are definitely one-off and in a way simple and not at all complicated. It only takes a good technician and team to take their time, thoroughly diagnose and then solve the issue. Take it easy and try to get hold of KTM Regional Manager Tamil Nadu and see how it goes from there.

Good luck man!
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