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New member from Devon UK

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Hi All
Recently collected my 390 Duke and i love it! After a fall resulting in a twice busted wrist i decided the Triumph Thunderbird was too heavy so having always liked the KTM naked look i settled on the 390 .
Here in Devon we have lots of twisty roads to play on and can’t wait for the summer to begin.
Bar end mirrors now fitted, Akrapovic , Quickshifter+ and tail tidy booked
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Welcome to the community, same bar end mirrors as me. Ive tried them both on the top and under the bars. Currently set up as underbars, certainly makes the bike easy to manouvre in tight spaces.

Re weight compared to the Triumph , the KTM will feel like a mountain bike :)
It sure is a light bike!
Could you post pics of your under bar mirrors?
Will give it a try
Sure thing (y)
Thanks for the tip!
i have turned mirrors over , so much better and i can now get around the garage a little easier :)
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1 - 4 of 7 Posts