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Wondering what your experience is in India with the PT V3 units?
Mine, after 2 years, just stopped mid-tour.
As I didn't carry the dongle I had to disconnect the wiring loom at the roadside for the bike to start again.
Contact with Race Dynamic wasn't satisfying as in they said, the unit was scrap, buy a new one (I was offered a discount).
Opted to get a Rapid Bike EVO and am, to say the least, not disappointed.
I have a Rapid Bike RACE waiting to replace my other PT V3 in December.
I would be interested to know if mine is a one-of or if these units stop functioning regularly.

They're a big enough market to not ignore. I'm sure kits for older dukes will come out soon

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And for the Gen2s out there, (considering what the current topic is):

I hardly ever run into any legitimate dyno info out there, for the stock trim 390s...

But here is a series of dyno pulls on a box stock 2019, at 49 feet elevation.

Maybe it will give those so inclined a less general starting point where to go, with possible fuel enhancements(?).

It's also more than a bit interesting how removing the airbox cover affected intake resonance, engine breathing, air fuel ratio and horsepower +/- trending.


[Runs 1 & 2, first pic, were with the airbox lid on; runs 3 (red) & 4 (only shown in last pic) were with it removed]

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