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Rc390 seat recommendations please

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I'm new to this KTM way of life and quite happy with the 2016 RC 390 albeit the lack of revs but anyway.

Can anyone recommend a soft seat replacement. After 20 mins I'm numb and the seat only has a few mm of padding it would appear.

Any one changed one 😁
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Cant help you on the RC as I have a Duke. A quick search brought up this

Companies like Tony Archer over in Yarkshire also re profile seats using materials like memory foam. Other option is the Bay to see if any pre owned “ comfort” seats pop up.
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Goto ww.rc390-forum.com
Already on there 😄
On my 2022 KTM 390 Adventure I installed the "Seat Concept" kit and it is really good! Take a look at their site...
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