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Seat lock pin solved

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So I picked up my 2022 390 duke last week. Tried to open up the rear pillion seat. Like many others it would not open. WELL ! I figured it out !
I put the key in the seat lock and tried to turn it with no success. I called at least 5 dealers and asked the service tech’s and no one could give the an answer. So I decided to take things apart and figure it out myself. I started to take off the rear side fairings. (it is the 3 Allen key screws) Once they are off the rear tail light comes loose as well. If you look between the seat and the frame where the fairing was, you can see the round metal pin that locks the seat in place, if you look to the right of that pin. (looking from the rear of the bike) you will see a spring slide leaver. If you push the spring switch from the left side of the bike it will release the lock pin. Once unlocked you can remove the rear pillion. With the rear pillion off you can remove the front seat. With the front seat off you will see a white block connector touching the key lock release, if you use a screw driver and push the block connector away from the lock release, it will allow the lock release to work properly. I will add pictures of the release mechanism, and the connector.
Any questions please feel free to ask.


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