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Duke 390. Surprising huh…..
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Kinda wished I didn't see the pictures. Now I'm stuck on pro bolt filling a cart with black titanium torx. Natural titanium is a close 2nd for me. Looks great.

Yea,Yea - I know right. Easy to ‘get lost’ isn’t it !

I’ve bought a few bits for the Duke from Pro-Bolt already (Great products, slick delivery / tracking; and excellent customer service…….you do pay for that to a degree though imo); so I’m aware of their range of products.. It was the funky cross-drilled flange heads, half tapered cap-heads, drilled washers, short semi domed cap-heads etc etc at RaceFasteners that got my attention; and seem unique to the Ti-crafted offerings.

I never realised a ‘simple’ bolt / fixing could be so erotic 🤣🤣
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