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I was asked on comparison if my bikes behaviour after testing both BoosterPlug and Powertronic. Copy it here because i first wrote it in for sale section and maybe others can be interested.

Hi. As i wrote i only got a couple of hundred kilometers with the BoosterPlug before we bought a Powertronic to both my 390 and my sons 125 Duke. My bike was already modified with 14 teeth front sprocket and a G2 tamer throttle before BP or PT so the bike was not "virgin". My main purpose with all these was to ease low rev on/off throttle behaviour, mainly for city riding. First i put on the street tamer throttle tube, it helped somewhat on acceleration which is of course logical, you have to turn the throttle more to get the same rev rise. When slowing down it does not help, the engine brake is as abrupt as before when you release the throttle. Then the 14 teeth sprocket. Also a step to right direction for my purposes. It also helps on both directions, slow acceleration and throttle off when you get somewhat less engine breaking. Top speed is only of academic interest for me so probably when time to change chain and sprockets i change even the rear to 2 bigger. Then came the BoosterPlug. Noticeable difference on right direction again. Smoothens low speed drive considerably so good buy for that price. I would have stopped there, you cannot expect a 1 cylinder 373cc engine to behave like a multicylinder, but then my son wanted to have the Powertronic so in went that on mine also. I have only riden it so far with the standard map, not even tested the "race" map yet, but it works really good for my purposes. Relatively easy to ride in slow traffic, my subjective opinion is that it is better than with the BP, but considering the difference in cost and what i was aiming for i would probably been happy enough with tamer throttle, 14 tooth sprocket and BP. Now when i have the Powertronic i do keep it though.
Rode also a couple of times with both BP and PT connected. Not good. Engine runs all too fat so with both in it got actually much worse than before putting in the PT.
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