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Hi guys,

As can see from my post history, I'm waiting for a set of water pump seals. After 2 weeks without riding, I just needed some duke time, so I decided to do some wrenching.

Also, since this is a new bike and the maintenance hasn't been great (got it cheap), I figured, let's open it up and see how it looks.
So without further ado, here's the inside of my engine.


looks like the previous owner cracked the case and put it together with so much gasket sealant that it glued to the cylinder.

not too much carbon for 30,000 km, but there is a fair amount of metal shavings on the piston. I wonder were they came from.
20200910_104211.jpg 20200910_124631.jpg 20200910_124917.jpg
There's a few scratches on the piston, but fortunately my cylinder looks good.
Opinion poll, should I change my piston?

20200910_183942.jpg 20200910_103814.jpg
A bit of rust in the case and again, a lot of gasket sealant.

Other things I found while taking it appart, my sprockets are quite worn, chain is not too bad but getting there.
Any suggestions on where to get a sprocket + chain set with either a 16T front or a 42T back? preferably in Europe.

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An interesting approach for changing water pump seals ;)
For sprockets, I love the SuperSprox Stealth, chain RK, EK, DID
Clean out the engine well with all that access gasket sealing as this might block oil supply channels.
With the engine is this far open I would install a fresh piston + rings as well.
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