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Hi friends, just to share with you...
I took courage and decided/regulate the valves by my self, I took a ton of photos, but in summary my bike is 20.000+ kms and the valves were a little bit closed (the valve cover was never opened before),

i measure exhaust 0.13 / 0.15 and inlet 0.08 / 0.09
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and i let the exhaust in 0.18 / 0.20 and inlet 0.13 / 0.13.

It took me a lot of time and patience, the first time I've done this task, I read and watched many videos before, I have the necessary tools. but in the end I didn't feel any significant change on the bike, maybe I could tell a very small difference, almost imperceptible.

PD; the valve noise was reduced a bit
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