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Before I even wanted to think about a job again, I wanted to see all of my mates from what seemed to be years away.
The next gf on the list, was one that seems to travel as much as I do, but more by plane and foot than by bike.

The funny thing is that, she was the one that purchased my old bike off me; a Suzuki SV650! Mainly cause she knew how I look after my bikes but also since it had already been lowered, had the seat shaved and done all those things that short-arses need to do to bikes to get their tippie-toes on the ground... :LOL:



Checking out the Brisbane skyline


Two peas in a pod! Both metal and both superwomen :D


But the ride was not really to be all that long in the end.... ooops


From the Gold Coast to Brisbane and surrounds.... can't really call that a ride ;)

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A couple of days later, taking a break from looking for jobs online, needed a break. As luck would have it a friend was also looking for jobs in the same field as me, and it didn't take long before convincing him into coming out for a scoot and toot on the northern parts of Brisbane and south of the Sunshine Coast hinterland for a ride.


Just friggin glorious weather that you can't say no to!
Picked him up on the way to Brisbane and off we went into the mountains to catch Mt Glorious first and make more friends at the lookout.

But actually - the first stop was meant to be to find the BIG red back spider located on a fake dunny in the middle of a plant nursery. Unfortunately when I got there everything was empty and the business had folded! nooooooooo! So I am quite sad that I was not able to add this BIG item to my ever growing collection.
Hoping some other nursery gets the idea and re-builds it...

Would have been the bomb to have this in my collection!


Can't go past the lookout up towards Mount Glorious!


Making random friends on the lookout.



The infamous Mt Glorious Cafe, fit for any biker, meeting place to perve on many bikes :)


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The start of a descent and then another climb northwards towards the Sunshine coast hinterland.


This was the northern most point in our ride today. Seeing the volcanic plugs from past volcanoes in the distance.


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Tumbling into Tumbulgum...

Look for jobs, take a break to ride with a friend, repeat. This is what my life consisted of nowadays - not necessarily a bad thing actually ;) Especially when back in Brisbane where the winter temps aren't anywhere near the horrendous low temps (and constant grey/rain) of the southern states!



The quiet Gold Coast lookout in the hinterland - the ever height increasing skyline of the glitter strip.


Stopping at a fruit stall for a snack and coffee along Tomewin Road.


Pretty good vie on this!


Once past the mountains and into the NSW northern rivers area, it's sugar cane burning season, making riding with a sweet burnt smell in the air.


Tumblegum in the distance.


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Took a little detour for more coffee, also because my friend wanted to take in the Barringbah rangers, through the twisty old pacific highway stretch, Not a bad idea :)
Ended up at Moobal and the Moo-bal cafe, where I got to see the BIG motorbike! :D


The Moo moo cafe


The interesting thing about this cafe is that their garage is always ever changing with bike memorabilia. The old and not so old, the funny, the showpieces and the for sale ones too;



Something worthwhile checking out over a coffee.


So after this my friend had to pike and I was left to my own device to get home. Since I didn't have anyone in tow with me, I decided to go through Murwillumbah town for fuel and then take in my favourite road. One which is a bit of secret since I don't want to share it with anyone. One day I want to own a property in this magnificent road, where every twist and turn has vistas to wow!



And, WOW!

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Ave' an Avo today!

This day I wanted to be a wanna-be dirt explorer as well as looking for more big things.
Went to northern NSW and stopped at Uki for a drink & a feed. Bumped into a group of friends which they asked me to join them. They were all on off-road bikes and seemed to be taking out the lady in the group for a training session off-road. Apparently she only just purchased an off roader and was learning the ropes. WIth that in mind I asked to join in since I didn't have anyone that was able to teach me and take me to places offroad. Something that I've been interested in for a while, since it seems like most cool things, end up being down a dirt road!



When riding in the dirt roads you have to have the right gear ;)



A quick stop before the dirt tracks started, and a few riding tips from the boys.


A rest stop at a junction while the others waited for the Lawnmower to catch up to them. Definitely need a lot more practice as well to get myself some knobby tires!



Slow and steady wins the race.... actually the other guys did since they did fast and steady... but that's not how the kids fable goes.


Some beautiful forests through the fire tracks.


After a while with the guys, I needed some black hard-top since my tyres just weren't fit for gravel. So I bid them adieu, and went on my marry way towards the coast to see the BIG item I was after.


The BIG avo! 'Ave n avo today! Just ridiculous. Just glorious!

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Two things had been playing in the background through all this riding at home and catching up with people.

One of them was the need for employment, and the other was for some reason, the two fingers from my RHS hand started hurting more and more, getting stiffer and stiffer and even swelling at the knuckles. This was the same hand and two fingers that got bruised from the skippy stack a month or so ago. It was weird since it was all healed, the bruising had gone and nothing seemed a miss.... however it's almost as if overnight things took a turn for the worst, and not being able to move the hand, or more to the point, making it harder and more painful to work the brake/clutch was the most worrying of all.

Off to the doctor for X-rays and an ultrasound.


I do not like the ultrasound gel - disgusting!


At least the X-rays came back clean - no surprises there.... the ultrasound was also 'clear' so the doc was stumped and sent me off to the specialist.
From there they told me that an operation was on the cards if I wanted to be able to bend my fingers since the lump was getting so much bigger and so quick that it would soon take over the knuckle.


A few things weighing on my mind. Hand, no riding from the pain and or the recovery after an expensive op. And hoping that the tendon wasn't compromised or anything. If it was compromised, they told me that I may use the function of the bend in the two fingers, which I wasn't all that pleased about. It just didn't make sense how it was all fine after a couple of days after the bike crash but 2-3 months down the track it's getting worse....


It is here that I took towards walking through Emerald lakes in the afternoon to clear my head. Look at the lovely lake reflections and maybe, just maybe perve on a very sexy looking Michaelangelo replica. A little slice of Italy in the heart of the Gold Coast. Kinda tacky-nice.





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A week later I did get some great news however it was received with mixed feelings.

I had a job :) Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttt.....


After months of not actually working, and all but riding and doing paperwork that didn't take much of my brain power, I had grown accustomed to a certain type of 'vagabond' lifestyle. Not the mention that I loved riding during the week, where ever I wanted without worrying about weekends etc. The issue was the pathetic looking bank balance, that was threatening to implode from lack of funds.

So with the start date looming too close, I did what any self respecting rider would do with free time - spend it cramming as much riding as possible before putting on the ball and chain back on the ankles....

I had wanted to look to discover a couple of roads in the northern NSW, so this was my chance!


First stop was Hinze dam and the coffee shop at the top. Amazing views.




Then ambling southwards to the border. Stopping to say hello to the ladies.


Admiring the pinnacle down Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd.


Over the border and down the mountain range towards Tyalgum, stopping at a food co-op where I spotted 2 BIG peas in a pod! :D what a find!


My mood through the ride was a bit light the weather. Threatening to rain but not quite. Chilly with a bit of wind. Loving the ride but not happy about turning over a new leaf in life and giving up the freedom... :(


Rosin's lookout monument, Beechmont


This is my new outlook on life - not quite gaol cell bars but still feeling of closed in!

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I am so glad for two things - one is that the weather although slightly chilly, it didn't rain. Thus having nice dry roads to play on and making it more pleasant to ride into what seemed to be a prehistoric, rainforest world.


The curves were tight, and the vegetation nice and lush. Just magical.



Simply couldn't get over how lush everything looked, and only an hour and a bit from my place!? How did I not explore this area sooner???


Beautiful watercrossings, which I'm sure would be raging during the floods judging by the washouts... but lovely to hear the rush of water.


This area was definitely one that I didn't mind riding fast through. I was content in riding slower, taking in the beauty of the surroundings. And no traffic!


And so for me, THIS was the relaxing and beautiful fitting end, to my 4 month adventure.
Not the coming home a few days ago. For some reason it just didn't seem to be an organic or fitting 'fin'. This was it.
A natural close of chapter, a loss of freedom of sorts, since I was due the next day to put on the work collar and get back to the 7-5pm grind.

I suppose getting a job is akin to growing your bank balance to do this all over again in the future (minus the stress of being stateless!). :D

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:cry: so this is the end?
Oh gosh no! This was the maiden voyage and if anything it opened up my want to ride even more. Confidence building was an understatement, and by this stage the Lawnmower only had about 10,000-15,000kms since I rode it off the showroom floor in Melbourne.

The only thing that did change is the fact that I was now under the ball and chain of society and having to work full time to build up the bank balance.... scheming for the next adventure... ;)

For the time being my riding focus was to start a riding group in the Gold Coast and meet new friends here, a bit like what I had seen in Melbourne. To give back to the riding community by offering my services as a guide and or a riding companion for L & Ps.....

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During my periods of working, and saving, I turned my focus onto the need and use of the Lawnmower.

Too many areas did I see that some really cool places would be down dirt roads. Too many times I felt unsure on whether I had the skill to make it, especially when riding alone.
I needed to make some changes and give the bike some TLC. From then on, I started modifying bits or adding bits to the Lawnmower to get it more off-road ready.

First was the radiator guard and adding some Data Dots for security.



Adding a proper waterproof phone / GPS mount:



And new hoops that had a little bit more offroading capability - the Continental Trail Attach 2

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Other mods were:

Pick up knobs, crash bars, gel seat, wider pegs, shorty levers (I have v small hands and it's a reach!), tank protector and side tank grips, as well as having to mount a bracket on the front fender to increase the clearance between the new larger tyres to the fender.





Slowly on it's way to being ADVed!

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If you're not riding, you're most likely reading about it. Isn't that right @Dave G ! ;) At least I was. You have to keep that inspiration up and find your real life heros in life.


A lot of thinking and soul searching was needed to see, where the next chapter in life would go. I knew that I wanted to keep riding. But obviously it would need resources. And life normal pressures don't just disappear. One could win lotto....buttttt that's unlikely to happen.


Best time to think is on the bike, so off to play in my fave road and playground!



Where coincidentally, is THE house I want to buy myself. I have been observing this place being built by a single builder, and it looks to be done with recycled and mostly natural materials. The view is downright beautiful and I want it!!! This is one of my long term dreams I guess....



Nothing wrong in dreaming, as long as you give it a time line. So time to start formulating a few.


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Time to explore things with a different view point.




The landscape can be just as varied as dreams. They may take surprising shapes and colours.


If you only know where to look.


Some may go down in flames, but at least you've dreamt it and you know it's not for you.


And it's these times that you spend in the 'imaginarium' that you get to explore what and where you want to head.

If one thing is for sure - My backyard is not too shabby to ride in! :D

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When you start looking for new ideas, and you start putting down your goals, certain things start popping up in everyday life. That is how you know you are in the right track.
This morning someting told me that I should go for a caffeinating to Canugra to see what the scene was like.
One quick look at the weather app, and it wasn't looking too promising... but pack the wets and I bet you it won't rain. ;) So packed they where!




And packed, the car park was! At least not at the outpost but at Cafe Metz. I thought this parking spot looked as good as any, with at least the colour matching...


From the car park there seemed to be one of those backpacker vans out of place amongst all the other bikes. With at least a nice message to reinforce.


After a lovely breakky, and seeing that the Lamington National Park was literally around the corner, that's where the wheels were telling me to go. But it soon became obvious that the weather seemed to be closing in. As it was the clouds started turning into low fog and visibility was not much.


At the top, wouldn't you know it there was one friend I knew with another new rider :) Small world and great minds look alike. We all agreed to ride together to another mountain that looked like it wasn't affected by clouds - yet.


The guys admiring the Orange beast. Actually it wasn't too far off since they were telling me how easy this bike looked like it was, while going up the very very tight twisties . Small and nimble. That's what this little Lawnmower is best in.



It must be the day of messages on vans: This guy came and parked right next to me. When there was a whole car park empty. What gives? Anyhow, what I said about 'messages' popping up that you need to start taking notice of for your life path.... well. Maybe scrap that. Some maybe just hitting too close to home! o_O :ROFLMAO:

I think this was life's way of telling me in no undertrain terms that my biological clock is ticking and I should maybe start to think about acquiring a mate? From past experiences and before the big trip, I has simply sworn off any romantic relationships. Just couldn't be bothered having to put in so much time, effort money for nothing but major disappointments. I was more than happy to do my own thing, ride my own bikes and be happy. But no matter how much you go off something, sometimes that little voice in the back of your head pipes up and says 'what it?'.


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The weather was starting to warm up and the spring flowers were thinking about popping out.
Nothing better than a bushwalk, and one I didn't realise was so close to home - only about 30 mins from home. Denman Falls. Promised areas to swim in and a relative short walk 3-4 kms.




Didn't disappoint! :D


Although the swimming areas were still too cold for my or other people's liking since not a soul was about. I can see how this place would get packed in summer thought!



After the lovely walk, I trundled off towards Mount Barney. Getting the 1st views over the crest.


And when the black top finished something compelled me to keep going. I was definitely rewarded by some unobstructed views!


However I encountered a few water crossings and eventually one won out - I wasn't game to ride past, not just for the depth and strength of the water, but the other side just looked like a 4wd track only and too steep. This will have to wait until I get more ADV set up (and get experience! lol).


For the mean time, stop to smell the flowers in areas that this little ducky was able to get to. :)

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Although it may not seem like it, this day on the 10th of September 2016, I would fall in love and I didn't even know it.
Didn't look like a great day, since it wasn't a particularly nice day!
You couldn't even call it romantic.

I had been sick already for a couple of weeks with the flu, and I was over it. It was the weekend and I didn't want to waste it like the other weeks lying in bed, waiting. I was on the mend already and I was going stir crazy. Having come back from Melbourne, I didn't have my house, so I had to move in with my parents while I built up some $$ behind me and got my life back on track. I was feeling claustrophobic and jittery. I NEEDED to get out.

I looked at the weather online and it stated 'scattered showers'. Highly likely that it would rain. So I packed the wets, thinking that I wouldn't need it till a bit further on my journey. That morning, I posted online for anyone interested to come join me for a weee ride up to O'reilly's / Green Mountains to scrub up new tyres I recently got put on the Lawnmower. Due to the weather everyone picked. Except one rider. I had heard his name being mentioned on the forum racing section before, but never met him in person. But me being a social butterfly, I didn't mind meeting a new rider. So off I went. The plan was to have lunch at the Cafe Metz in Canungra, which is at the bottom of the mountain and then head up.

As I was about 5 minutes from Canungra, the heavens opened up. And my wets where in the bag on the back of the bike - Doh! :cautious:o_O(n) Within a minute I was soppy wet, where the water runs over your tank and gets channelled straight into your crotch area - you've all been there and know what it's like; water slowly seeping through the layers and making you feel like you've just wet yourself!

I recall turning into the cafe's driveway to the parking out back, and there's this guy, sitting at the high bar at the front of the mostly empty cafe, eating a ginormous burger. I parked and walked up to order lunch and walked towards this rider, which looked very much like someone from the forum. It was. This fellow looked me up and down and kept eating his burger. I introduced myself, although I don't think I needed to much since photos of me on the forum were plenty and most people recognised me, before I recognised them.

"I'm CC. You look like something the cat dragged in."

What an intro! And what a sight I would have been.... semi sick and snotty, pretty wet, a bit under the weather... total sight!

After some small talk and then getting straight onto bike talk, we saw that the weather was closing in. I gave him the chance to pike from the ride and go home. But he was more than obliging saying he liked riding in the wet weather - the wetter the better. So we saddled up and rode up to O'reillys. Normally there would be some photos for the sights along the way, but today there was no point. Today all the concentration was needed to navigate wet and twisty roads.

At the top is a cafe, where I decided to get a hot drink since I was starting to feel quite cold. More chat about bikes and we got onto racing and what racing CC did. In between the conversation (which was mainly chatty patty me) CC mentioned that there was a ladies only track day coming up in Morgan park. I'd never been on a track before so I was intrigued. He enticed me to come in October and try it out since he mentored a couple of other ladies and one of them was using one of his bikes. You didn't need to ask me twice! :D I got the details off him, swapped numbers and I told him I'd be there!

Only photos were at the top and near the top.



By the time we got going down the hill, the water was really coming down and started forming rivulets along the road and road drains. Sometimes criss crossing the road, making it even more slippery since the runoff contained silt.

At the bottom of the mountain we took our separate paths and went home. I sent CC a text later that arvo to make sure he'd made it home, since the storm got even worse on his way back up to Brisbane. All good apparently albeit a bit sliddey on the M1.

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It's my birthday and I'll ride where I want to!

The very next day it was chalk and cheese with the weather. That night the heavens had dumped all the water and on the 11th the sun came out and it was just magic!
Feeling much better (And drier!) from the day before I contacted my driving instructor, aka. my immature 'grandpa', and headed off towards the northern rivers for a ride in the twisties and to get to my favourite cafe - The Sphinx rock cafe.


Another reason why this was my fave cafe ! ;)



Was a very pleasant morning / brunch with a dear friend of mine, talking about bikes and riding :) I also told him about yesterday's encounter and the offer to ride a race bike on a track. He stated he wanted to come watch the ladies.... I wonder why... considering he was single.... hmmmm Lots of ladies that all ride bikes, wearing leathers - I wonder what the appeal to come watch for the day could have been?

The rest of the day was spent going to the beach and having a lovely walk around the lakes before celebrating with a nice dinner and a home made Raspberry Royale cake - yummo! Can't get much better than this for your birthday :)



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